Custom Machine Work


Whatever your machine service needs are, PAMS can provide it. We have skilled technicians and state of the art machinery to make sure you are satisfied.

We solve problems. With our extensive knowledge of machining, we’ve accomplished the most unique and detailed machining services imaginable. We machine longer lasting high performance parts, custom racing engine parts, and more. PAMS prides itself by using technology to keep the customer’s priorities at the top of the list.

Not sure if we have the capabilities to make exactly what you need? Have a question about a term, technology, or process? We’d be happy to help you out and answer any questions. Contact us today for more information.

Aluminum and Cast Iron Welding


Need weldments or a custom weld job? We can do that. MIG, TIG, arc-welding, or anything in between – PAMS will make sure your job gets welded to the highest of standards.

All of our welders are certified and have years of experience on the job. Rest easy knowing your project is in capable and knowledgeable hands.

A cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon, and silicon, in which the amount of carbon is usually more than 1.7 percent and less than 4.5 percent. The overall weldability of cast iron is low and depends on the material type, complexity, thickness, casting complexity and need for machinability. Ductile and malleable irons have good weldability while gray cast iron and white cast iron are only weldable for small attachments.

Engine Parts for Automotive, Performance, and Industrial


Looking for just the right part for your racing rig? Odds are we can meet your needs. The only thing limiting you is your imagination when it comes to custom engine parts. We’ve seen a little bit of everything over the years. So, if you have an idea but it doesn’t have all the detailed ironed out, let us know and we’ll work with you to make exactly what you need.

“If you can dream it, you can machine it,” said one CNC equipment supplier. We have the machines, labor, and brainpower to bring your parts to life. Our only limitations are physical dimensions of what you want created and the size limitation of our machines. Our CNC machines are state-of-the-art devices with decades of user experience behind them.

Shop Equipment for Automotive and Industrial Applications

It’s hard to do proper work in a machine shop with the tools and measuring equipment you need on a daily basis. The tools you absolutely must have include those for disassembly, inspection and measurement of engine components, and, of course, reassembly.

These aren’t the only tools worthy of being in a machine shop, but they do present a solid starting point for the tools and equipment needed for modern engine builds. Maybe you don’t have a specific tool? Let us know and we’ll find one for you. Have a specific tool but it’s time to upgrade? That’s not a problem for us. Let us know what type of upgrade you’re looking for and we’ll make sure we get you just what you wanted. Let’s not forget the niche projects. We are able to source even the most obscure tools and measuring devices for all your project’s needs.

Dyno Testing and Balancing

PAMS’s dyno offers tuning for just about any make, model, or drivetrain you can think of. We calibrate your car based on your modifications in order to figure out your maximum power – all while maintaining safety, reliability, and drivability. If you’ve made modifications to your engine (and we’re guessing you have), keeping that engine maintained and healthy is critical.

Don’t have a custom car but want to check how it performs straight from the manufacturer? No problem – we can do that too. Of course you’ll notice horsepower and torque gains, but what you might not consider is the possible gains in fuel economy. Many times the final piece of building a high-horsepower vehicle is tuning it, where you dial in all the effort and money you’ve spent so far and see how the vehicle runs. Contact us to schedule your vehicle’s next checkup.

Metal Stitching Repairs and Supplies

Decision time: a cast iron component is compromised and you must figure out if you should fix it or replace it. What do you do? If you decide you want to fix it, PAMS can help with that. PAMS uses a cold stitching process to repair broken cast iron components to high standards.

PAMS has professional technicians to fix whatever you’re broken part is. We have many years of experience to hone our skill and are confident to offer this service. We can do it all without outsourcing any hard to complete procedures.

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